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Ken Pearson

City council seat 3

A little bit about myself

A Dedicated Man

I've never met a man who was more committed to his community than this guy. The only thing he works for harder than for his community, is for a smile. I don't think this man has ever run into someone he couldn't talk to or relate with. Having a conversation with ken is never a struggle, which is probably why he has had such a successful career in radio. Now imagine if this guy could speak on behalf of you for this city. It'd probably work out pretty well, don't you think?

-Justin Morris (web developer)

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What we need

-A voice of common sense on the Auburn City Council (specifically in seat 3)

not another bobble head on a rubber stamp

-A voice for fiscal responsibility (specifically in seat 3)

not an agenda of political correctness

especially those expenditures that have no return on investments

we are talking about YOUR tax dollars

YOU work hard for that money

what needs to change

NOT to embrace the failed policies of "the big city" like a cancer....

the symptoms of those failed policies

are spreading into surrounding

communities (including our own)

Plans for City council

The city council should work just as hard

to be responsible with how money

is spent to provide expected services

the city councils job is to provide an

environment that makes it possible

for a community to be


                         secure, &



The Auburn Police department should have the FULL SUPPORT

of the Auburn City Council, along with the mayor!

In order to make and keep our streets safe, we need to take the handcuffs off the cops and put them back on the criminals!

we need to just let them do their jobs

We need to endorse a "broken windows" policy

We need to make sure the Auburn Police Dpt. has all the tools they require and the personnel  needed in order to take our streets back. not only to to take them back but to keep them safe afterwards.

When we "crack down"on the smaller crimes/we greatly diminish on the bigger crimes.

The gangs are here, Ive personally seen the facial tattoo of an ms-13 gang member here in auburn recently.

Ive seen the hypodermic needles.

Ive also seen the graffiti marking this territory as their own!


I'll fight the county

The policies of the King County attorney general are the "BIGGEST PROBLEM"

they refuse to prosecute...

therefore making it so the police can not do their job

In order to ensure the safety of our city and our citizens

i refuse to sacrifice our innocent children to the misguided ideology of

"ambitious politicians"and correct state and county officials!